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This blog is for the use of the students of G.M.I.T Centre for the Creative Arts and Media. All views are of our own and not that of G.M.I.T. Any further information on any of the artists mentioned can be contacted through the blog. The blog is to show the progress and hard work that is being put into our end of year Graduate Degree Exhibition in May/June 2014.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Amy Quinn; Fine Art: Textiles

“The Face Fabric” 

Reflecting a personality through one image by really examining facial expressions and colour has been my main aim for the past year. Translating My portraits through my chosen medium of textiles has been difficult but extrmemly rewarding. By working solely with machine embroidery I have found a way of translating my paintings onto fabric and managed to maintain the soft colours and blends that I took from my paintings.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Laura Carroll; Fine Art: Paint


Looking at decoration and femininity has always been a prevalent theme throughout my work, working with a variety of mixed mediums and materials. My work ranges from drawing and collage to photography (both medium format double exposures and digital work), which I try to bring together through installation based pieces.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lauren Coyle; Fine Art: Print


The observation of my immediate environment has consistently inspired my work. An examination of this has prompted me to investigate the strength of our online world, and how people can create a virtual persona. This allows people to inhabit a world which is both alluring and consuming.

Baska Szostak; Fine Art: Textile

Artist Statement

I like to look at the world and discover the beauty and quirks in ordinary places. Being able to create a new point of view on something ordinary is what I enjoy most about creating art. My current work focuses on my everyday life, documenting and mapping the little things I most enjoy. It captures snapshots of what I see throughout the day and tracks my routes around the city of Galway creating a narrative of my day to day living. It is a documentation of my favourite aspects of life as well as an exploration of personality captured through small scale studied gouache paintings and more experimental mixed-media embroidered fine craft textile pieces.

Contact: baska.b.szostak@gmail.com  

Martin Reid; Fine Art: Paint


A spectacle of a technologic wilderness

The interreflection between technology and natural landscape

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Rosaleen Tanham; Art & Design: Paint (Part-Time)

"My home place, the West of Ireland, is very beautiful.  It is my sense of this place that anchors, grounds and feeds me.  Nature is my inspiration. The always fascinating seascapes, skyscapes and landscapes.   Constantly changing, transmuting, recycling through the seasons, birth, death, regeneration.  Constantly surprising –  shapes, colours, forms, lines, patterns.  Endlessly entertaining.  I try, a lot of the time frustratingly, to capture it through my work, using pencil and paint, watercolour, acrylic and oil." Rosaleen Tanham

Image and statement kindly submitted by the featured artist, Rosaleen Tanham.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Catherine Buck, Fine Art: Ceramics




Fascinated by mundane objects, I take inspiration from items such as disposable packaging. I collect and re-examine these redundant objects with the aspiration to extend their life span in some way. Through processes of plaster and clay humble objects are reincarnated from an ephemeral life, to one of longevity. Playfully using repetition and reformation to allow these new forms to occupy a different sense of space and give them a sense of permanence.

Work in progress...

Slip-cast white earthenware (bisque stage)

Slip-cast white earthenware (bisque stage)

Email: catherinebuckvisualartist@gmail.com